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* Group 1 – current license will expire at midnight, Eastern Time, May 31, 2015.
If renewing AFTER your license expires, your fees will be:
Active to Active
$105.00* for those expired 05/31/2015
Group 2 -current licenses will expire at midnight, Eastern Time, May 31, 2016.  Licenses that expired December 31, 2013 is Now Delinquent will go null and void  if not renewed.
If renewing 120 day Notified Delinquent, your fees will be:
Active to Active

In order to renew the CNA license at the end of the two year renewal cycle, CNAs are required to perform nursing-related services for monetary compensation within the last 24 consecutive months in order to remain on the registry.

Licensees who fail to meet these requirements must reapply for licensure and comply with current laws and rules. Licensees who have become Null and Void or elected to Voluntary Relinquish their CNA license, must reapply for licensure and meet current requirements.

All CNAs must complete a minimum of 12 hours of in-service training each calendar year. Every 2 years, in-service training hours shall include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Control
  • Domestic Violence
  • Medical Record Documentation and Legal Aspects Appropriate to Nursing Assistants
  • Resident Rights
  • Communication with cognitively impaired clients
  • CPR skills
  • Medical Error Prevention and Safety

Florida Administrative Code

Section 64B9-15.011:  In-Service Training Requirements for Certified Nursing Assistants

Section 64B-11.001: Certified Nursing Assistant Certification Renewal

To Renew go to:

*CNA’s Biennial Renewal Expiration date has been moved from December 31 to May 31. The pro-rated fee for the additional 5 months you will be licensed is included in your delinquent renewal fee. After you have been issued a May 31 expiration date you will be placed back on a two year renewal cycle.

Florida Dept. Of Health Information Line (850) 245-4444

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