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EKG Technician

Phlebotomy technician course

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Become a Phlebotomist  & EKG Technician,

Also Get Unlimited In-Service Hours

Florida Approved - Nationaly Certifide

Yes! You Can Now Get Nationly Certifide For Philebotomy Online.

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Blood is the source of human life. It holds the key to human DNA and is often the foundation for evidence when diagnosing and treating a patient. The medical professionals responsible for drawing and collecting this precious liquid are called phlebotomists and they are a critical component to any healthcare team. More......

Doctors can learn very important things from looking at an EKG. In particular, they can detect irregularities in heartbeat patterns and rhythms that could be a sign of potential heart issues. An EKG Technician is the medical professional who is responsible for performing that produces called EKG. More.....

For people who are interested in Advancing thier career but don't have the resources for nursing school, becoming a phlebotomist and EKG Technician can be a great way to earn more money annd open the door for promotion advancements and even better hours and better shifts at work .

Don't Let This Opportunity Pass you By.  Something Diffrent to Get a Diffrent and Better Life!

· Phlebotomy Technician Course (6 Hours)
· EKG/ECG Technician Course (6 Hours )

Dont Forget! You Also Get Unlimited
In-Service Hours!

· HIV/Blood Borne Pathogens, Infection Control
· Domestic Violence
· Alzheimer's
· CPR skills
· Medical Error Prevention and Safety
· HIPPA / Confidentiality
· Medical Record Documentation
· Resident Rights
· Life Coaching for a Happy, Successful Practice
· Time Management
· Bloodborne Pathogens and Specimen Collection
· Caring for the Elderly Patient
· Ethics and Integrity For CNA
· Infection Control and Basic First Aid
· Communication Skills and Working with People
· Nutritional Support
· Rehabilitation and Transferring Methods
· Skin Care and Personal Care
· Special Medical Procedures Care (2 Hours)
· Vital Signs, Fluid and Specimen Collection
· Holistic Self-Care for the Caregiver

Here Are Some Benefits:

  • EarnUp To $15,000 More Per Year

  • Increase Salary

  • Receive Better Benefits

  • More Respected Position

  • Possible Three-day Work Week

  • More Professional Atmosphere

  • Less Physically Demanding

  • Superior Job Standing

  • Superior Education

Because you already became a CNA and have been working in the field you can become patient care technician simply by taking online course. After completing the courses you will become National Certification Ready!


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Becoming A Patient Care Technician Has Never Been Easier!

Very Limited Time $59.95

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